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The Traditional CLQ Summer Network Orgy!

(Sorry this is only in turkish) Geleneksel CLQ Network toplantılarının 4. ayagi 1-4 Ağustos tarihlerinde Detay'ın evinde gerçekleşti. 7 Makine geldi. Partide mevcut olanlar Remix, Kris, Detay, Melih, Sparky, Cooper, Ravel, Dark, Ranx, mRe ve Recep. 3 gün boyunca Duke3D ve Red Alert oynandı. Partiyi zararsız ziyansız atlatmamız kıyamet alameti miydi? Bunu zaman gösterecek.. Fotoğraflar burada.

Duke3D sonuçları Detay Bilişim Hizmetleri'nce istatistiki deneylere tabi tutuluyor, bitince onlar da eklenecek.

Recommended C-64 Emulation Utilities
  If you don't have C-64 at your place or sold it ages ago, don't mind here are some reliable C-64 emulators for your PC.
Frodo Portable C-64 emulator available for several platforms. Windows95/NT port uses Directx. it can easily run full speed emulation with sound without skipping any frames in both windowed and full screen modes on a P133. Most any pentium class machine should be usable. Visit main Frodo site for more info.
CCS64 Here's a very good C-64 emulator for PC/DOS from Hakan Per Sundell, the creator of famous Playsid on Amiga.
Sidplay Sidplay is a music player and SID chip emulator written by Michael Schwendt. You need this software to play original c-64 music data on your PC. For info on Sidplay and SID files, go to the Sidplay home page. For the greatest collection of SID tunes on this planet, get The High Voltage SID Collection.

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